Hope grows in the Garden


17 worldwide goals and local practices

The world community has agreed on 17 goals for a more sustainable future.These goals are universal and applicable both at home and abroad. In addition to political planning from above, the results are completely dependent on new knowledge, attitudes and actions that are developed on the local level, where people live and carry on their everyday lives.

The Sagene District is one of several districts in Oslo that, since 2001, has pioneered across the board locally based knowledge development and cooperation. The Sagene district’s goal is to become one of Oslo’s eco-urban centers of inspiration and, in the last three years, it has stimulated local hands-on actions through the dispersal of Green Funds.

Our project Hope Grows in the Garden is about communicating experiences in the form of 10 narratives and three small videos. The material is shaped in such a way that it can be used in seminars, workshops, study circles and other similar activities.