Climate-friendly school  and the role of nature based solutions

In January 2022 PS Paaby Prosess joined  as partner in a project aiming aiming to deepen the knowledge of primary school students and teachers about the role of blue-green infrastructure in adapting to climate change. Leader of the project is Sendzimir Foundation in Poland. The role as Norwegian partner is to present and dissiminate good practices of educational activities connected to adaptation and mitigation of climate change. One of the first activites was a workshop held in March 2022 with teachers working in the primary school No 195 in Warzaw. Kirsten Paaby contributed with an online presentation titled: ”Education for Change, the Schoolyard and the Neigborhood as Learning Arena”.

The project is supported with EEA funding under the Environment, Energy and Climate Change Program; program area: Climate. 

Other partners are the Warsaw – Wawer District Office.

Duration of the project is: January 2022 – October 2023

For more information about the project check: